New Year, New Vision, New Focus

New Year reflection 23_24


What habits do I want to change in the new year?

This year I picked up the paintbrush again. It saved my mental health at a time of severe stress at work. The paintbrush allowed me to escape what was happening at work. It allowed me to spend time in a world where flowers are beautiful and trees bloomed, fog rolls in with the morning and fish are abundant in the pond.

I changed my evening habits and this next year, I intend to stick to my routine even closer. – To paint from 3-6 and even 8-10 if necessary. every weekday with more time on weekends and Fridays and days when I am not teaching culinary at the college.

-To draw every day. Watch skills develop.

Spend 1 hour each morning (M-F)working on website and social media presence.


How can I be kind to myself in the upcoming year?

Make sure I take time out for myself because I do matter, if to no one else but me, I do matter. I deserve to be treated kindly by my own self. Something I frequently forget and discard easily.

What went well this year?

Greatly improved situation at work.

I picked up a paintbrush and started painting again.

I decided to become an artist again.

More on my previous artist story later.

What did not go well this year?

I got COVID at Christmas and was ill all holiday.

Portraits! Who are these people? I’ve decided to master this at some point and on some level this year. Commit to draw daily.

What milestones have I achieved this year?

Completed 17 seasons of Charlotte Cooks for WTVI PBS Charlotte – and I believe we did the last season this July 23.

I signed up for Art school! I started painting again.

I am planning to retire very soon Yay!


new years vision 24

2024 Vision

Complete Mastery Program fall 2024: Attend the graduation!

I plan to stay on track to complete this program in the fall ant attend the graduation.

Set the timeline for retirement from CPCC

Initially, December 24 or if things are going well there, I may stay the year and another after that. When my art business takes off, then I’ll leave.

Activate and start building social media presence for PR FA

Get myself out there again. I withdrew for over a year now from all social media.

I needed a break. Now, I’m ready to get back in it in an authentic way.

Practice drawing skills every day to develop skills esp. drawing portraits.

I’m going to master this, this year on some level.

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