Meet Pamela Roberts - Fine Artist

heat shot Pamela

“Often, after I’ve spent a weekend intensely working on a piece of art, I feel as if I have traveled there. I feel as if I have spent time in that building, landscape or with that person or people.”


The Corner Bistro

Pamela Roberts studied art at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida from 1974-1976.

She created fiber art sculptures from tropical and found materials for many years throughout the southeast US.

Today her art has evolved into two dimensional, multi-media pieces.

Daisy Garden hanging on a wall

Pamela believes art can build people and communities.

Art can teach people to let go, allow the stress of the world to release. Art can build mental health and provide a healthy escape without the use of drugs or alcohol.

A right brain vacations is fun!

Mixing colors with black

My art is uplifting, inspires hope, contentment and harmony.

It is my intention to use art to build people and inspire them. To create strong communities through art involvement and even use my art to raise funds for community enhancement projects.

Please contact me if there is a way art can help your project.

Head shot Pamela
Bouquet of flowers