Take a Look Behind the Scenes

My sketchbooks capture the journey and process I use to create my art.

These are glimpses into my sketchbook pages. You will see all kinds of things in here – things that worked and things that didn’t.

This is where I work out ideas, create drawings, capture gestures or images that make their way onto a canvas.

Some sketchbooks are purchased, typical sketch and drawing books you can find anywhere. Others are created from old journals or books I have.

They also come in lots of sizes – I have a sketchbook with me at all times. Because you never know when inspiration will hit.

These older books get gesso on the pages and are used to paint in rather than draw, but nothing is off limits.

The most recent works are at the top, scroll down for older pieces and to see development and progress.

Elements used:

Charcoal, graphite, inks, acrylic and oil paints, stabilo and pit pens/pencils, watercolor, gelato colors and what ever else I find that can make marks or create colors and textures.

Sketchbooks and sketchbook pages are not for sale.

Behold the eye!

Graphite city sketch 2 point perspective 16 x 20

2 hours

To the right:

charcoal still life

2-3 hours

drawing eyes

1 point perspective charcoal city 16 x 20

To the right:

acrylic flowers

1 point perspective charcoal city
Charcoal crowd with perspective
White china marker on black paper

Ramen Collage from a sketch doodled on a notepad. Hibiscus flowers painted in acrylic on gesso pages in the sketchbook

Ramen and Hibiscus